What is (does) abteilung : k?

The »k« in abteilung:k, in German, stands for Krämer (2 x), Kafka, Krebs, also Krise, Kampf, Kultur, for kaputt, kurios and krank, and most importantly for Kleidung. (In English that translates as: cancer, crisis, struggle, culture, broken, curios, sick, and most importantly clothing.)

abteilung : k = a fashion label, founded in 2007 by the father and daughter design partnership, Christoph and Laura Krämer.

abteilung : k addresses a market niche, approximately 10% of all women. It creates fashion for amazons, for women who have to live with the results of breast cancer surgery.

In her weekly column for »The Guardian« the late Dina Rabinovitch wrote, »They call this the fashionable cancer, but nobody’s tackling the basic question: what to wear?« That is what abteilung : k does.

abteilung : k designs follow one of the principles of modernism, that of asymmetry. Instead of shamefully covering, hiding, adding or implanting spare parts, we put our trust in the uniqueness of the individual and remain true to every real and existing form.

»abteilung : k« premieres with an exhibition opening in Germany, at Hamburg’s Kunsthaus, on 10 October 2008, along with the debut of 
»ascent«, the asymmetrical perfume. A catalogue will also be available.